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by Arianna.bitossi@libero.it

The wedding dress must make you fall in love at the first meeting.
Surround yourself with a few and trustworthy people for visits to the Atelier because too many different opinions could lead you to the wrong choice.
The wedding day is a memory for the newlyweds in which everything must be perfect and flow pleasantly, for this reason it is really important to wear a dress that reflects one's personality so you can spend the
most beautiful day of your life serenely and with confidence. 
It is highly recommended not choose the dress at the very last minute, so that the seamstresses can make the necessary changes, without anxiety or thoughts.
There are general guidelines that can be followed but what really matters is you and your happiness, so I will give you some advice but remember that the perfect wedding dress is the one that will capture your
heart and will stay there forever.
For proportionate silhouettes, the mermaid model enhances the harmonious shapes of the body.
Those with more pronounced hips than the shoulders may prefer dresses that enhance the neckline with an empire or princess style.
If, on the other hand, the upper part is more developed with respect to the hips, the recommended option is the mermaid dress with sweetheart necklines.
Let's see some features in more detail:
– Sirena: snug fitting dress to enhance sensuality and shapes
– Princess: The bustier of the princess style wedding dress is fitted, while the skirt is loose, creating a voluminous, traditional and elegant style
– Short: for a more juanty look or also ideal for second weddings, one of the latest trends is the short or asymmetrical dress, which leaves the legs on display.
– Empire: it is a model particularly suitable for those who want to hide the hips and slim the figure. The skirt slightly flared at the waist, starts from under the bust to go down softly to the ground, giving the silhouette an elegant and comfortable look.
– A-line: slims and proportions all bodies, focusing on the cut of the skirt. The flared skirt can be made of various types of fabrics and the bodice can be more or less adherent.
– Redingote: requested by brides who are not very tall, the bodice extends to the upper part of the hips and the skirt, soft and wide, widens from the waist to the ground giving a slender effect.
-Slipped: follows the lines of the body without sticking too much on the hips. Made with floating fabrics such as chiffon and satin, it is suitable for hiding small imperfections, it is suitable for all stature but ideal especially for the less tall.
In any case, choose the dress you have always

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