• The key for a perfect makeup is the right mix that enhances your features and makes you feel yourself.It must be indelible and long-lasting, as natural as possible in order not to distort personality.The preparation must begin a few weeks before in a serious center that will treat your skin with cleansing and detox products …

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  • The Flower Designer or Floral Designer is a profession that is spreading also in Italy after the great success in the United States.The Flower Designer task is to design, draw and create compositions and floral decorations, constantly searching for new shapes, structures and materials, using an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of color, shape, materials …

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  • The wedding dress must make you fall in love at the first meeting.Surround yourself with a few and trustworthy people for visits to the Atelier because too many different opinions could lead you to the wrong choice.The wedding day is a memory for the newlyweds in which everything must be perfect and flow pleasantly, for …

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