by Arianna.bitossi@libero.it

The Flower Designer or Floral Designer is a profession that is spreading also in Italy after the great success in the United States.
The Flower Designer task is to design, draw and create compositions and floral decorations, constantly searching for new shapes, structures and materials, using an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of color, shape, materials and assembly techniques.
The florist purely works the cut flower, on the other hand, the Flower Designer and your Wedding Planner will coordinate to create the entire background scenography following the Moodboard created by the
Wedding Planner and approved by the Spouses (the collage of color palette and images depicting the wedding project).
The Flower Designer is able to also create large floral scenographies, using not only flowers but also different complementary materials (furniture, fabrics, candles, various objects etc.).
Based on the quality and the request of the spouses, it is also possible to buy flowers in international markets available to operators in the sector.
The management of transport and climatic conditions on site are fundamental, they will be responsibility of your professionals.

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