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Bride Makeup

by Arianna.bitossi@libero.it

The key for a perfect makeup is the right mix that enhances your features and makes you feel yourself.
It must be indelible and long-lasting, as natural as possible in order not to distort personality.
The preparation must begin a few weeks before in a serious center that will treat your skin with cleansing and detox products so your skin will be radiant on your wedding day.
A well-groomed and hydrated skin will naturally be more beautiful and relaxed and even the make-up will bring out your potential to the fullest.
It is absolutely necessary to avoid excessive coverage, the eyeshadows will be in warm earth tones, amber or rosy colors but never too dark.
The base will have to withstand the make-up for many hours, so it is important to plan the appointment with the make-up artist in advance, in order to experience each phase of this day serenely, you will be calm and ready to enjoy
every single moment.
It is better to schedule the appointment with the make-up artist half an hour in advance so there will be enough time to manage and resolve with peace of mind any problems or errors that may occur.
Bridal makeup needs an excellent contouring, which plays with light and dark softening the features but it is essential to rely on a professional make-up artist who knows how not to overdo it, because what can appear perfect for
photography, can be too marked live.

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